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Shell Money
Thin multi-colour shell money bracelet


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Shell MoneyShell Money 6AShell Money BraceletWhite Shell Money Fish BraceletShell Money braceletBraceletBraceletShell Money 3AWhite Shell Money Cross BraceletWhite Shell Money Plain Cross BraceletBlack thin shell money braceletShell money braceletShell money bracelet (BW)Shell money bracelet thinShell money braceletShell money bracelet with shellMulti-colour shell money bracelet
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Shell money is still part of everyday life in the Solomons and many other pacific countries. They come in a series of colours with the highest value in the following order - red, orange, brown, black and white. The shells are first broken roughly into circular discs, the sides are then flattened and smoothed using an abrasive powder and water. These bracelets were originally necklaces; however over time some of them have broken, therefore it made sense to recycle them into these original wrapped wire bracelets.

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