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Summer Whites
White cowrie shell necklace


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4 strand white shell money bracelet5-strand white shell necklaceBling shell earringsBoho shell necklaceClassic Summer white shell earringsPlain single shell money braceletShell money leaf braceletSingle cross shell money braceletSingle shell money angel wing braceletSingle white shell earringsWhite cowrie shell necklaceWhite feather shell money necklaceWhite feather shell necklaceWhite shell money coins braceletWhite shell money crosses braceletWhite shell money fish bracelet
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Letís face it, you canít have enough white in your wardrobe. Handmade pieces using white washed shells, shell money and pipi shells. "Be a little bit different".

Sela lo Sea - Brisbane Australia - ph: 61 411 263 250 -   

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